CONFIDENCE : A Conference with a Difference


CONFIDENCE : A Conference with a Difference

We were lucky enough to be invited to an auditor / Tax Consultant Conference in September 2019, in Spain, where experts from around the globe, gathered to share experiences. There was one thing everyone had to do in order to achieve this goal: Communicate in English, after all, it is the international language of communication, whether we like it or not!

Some achieved this quite effortlessly, especially those from the UK, ha ha, yet others struggled and chose the ‘easy’ route : ‘listen’ and try and understand as much as possible without speaking. Why? Lack of confidence.

Clearwater’s purpose at this Conference, was to highlight the need to build confidence: therefore speak, no matter the amount of errors and be confident in the process. In essence ‘build confidence’. Knowledge without confidence, is a common barrier to communication, even by the most senior of people.

We told the audience that we ‘Clearwater’ could give them the confidence to communicate about anything they wanted to – in English.

They realised, that knowledge, without confidence, is a vital ingredient to successful relationships.

We have helped professionals from every sector and many nations. To name a few: Beiresdorf (Germany) / Karsltad University (Sweden) / Boehringer Ingelheim (Russia) Duna Group (Italy) Willson & Brown (Poland), Paradores (Spain).

If you send us am email through this site and quote the ‘post’ we will offer you a free ‘Needs Analysis’ and a free lesson. No strings.

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