Learning business English or indeed general English using Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime, is becoming more and more popular among the platforms available.  Why?  Well YOU can decide when you want the lesson and have it without even having to move from your seat. No travelling. No time wasting.  Taking lessons used to be a time consuming activity and quite inflexible.  Not any more. Learning online is so flexible. You can decide to have regular lessons or adhoc lessons or even mini courses to achieve a specific goal. For example, you may wish to learn how to present in front of a large audience or learn phrases to help you network in an international setting, be prominent in an important meeting or learn how to get that big deal.  It is also true, however, that if you have never used an online option, it can appear impersonal and daunting;  but believe me; once you’ve tried it, you will realise how easy and fun it is. Come on!  Give it a try and see for yourself !