Short Courses

The short courses we offer are of one or two days duration.  Our short courses are available during the week and at the weekend to give maximum flexibility to our students. These courses are based on achieving specific goals in a short time. The courses available at the moment are listed below. However, upon request we can create bespoke courses tailored to your specific requirements.

Clearwater short courses are limited to 6 participants. This gives all the students the chance to participate fully and practise speaking through role-plays and other interactive activities.

[df_tabs el_class=”” type_tabs=”accordion”][df_tabs_item header=”Presentation Skills”]You will learn to:
Sell your products / services with confidence
Be concise and clear
Understand the language of your industry
Learn simple and powerful presentation language
Discuss all your visuals with clarity
Voice and body language tips
reach your audience[/df_tabs_item][df_tabs_item header=”Networking”]You will learn to:
Speak & network with confidence
Learn vocabulary related to common topics
Learn socialising expressions
Show interest
Create trust[/df_tabs_item][df_tabs_item header=”Meetings & Negotiations”]
You will learn to:
To be confident in meetings and negotiations
To be able to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly
To be able to understand all the participants
Interrupt, agree and disagree diplomatically
Learn the language of meetings[/df_tabs_item][df_tabs_item header=”Hotel Management”]You will learn to:
Engage in small talk
Create a welcoming environment
Understand and meet the needs of any guest
Promote products and services confidently
Bookings and requests : telephone / emailing
Complaint handling[/df_tabs_item][df_tabs_item header=”Real Estate”]You will learn to:
Create confidence with prospective clients
Engage in small talk and create rapport
Learn the language of properties and locations
Understand the needs of a client
Be succinct & clear
Explain the basic legal issues and buying procedures[/df_tabs_item][df_tabs_item header=”Customer Services”]You will learn to:
Engage in small talk & create trust
Listen & understand your clients needs & requests
Promote products and services confidently
Learn how to negotiate
Telephoning / emailing
Dealing with unhappy customers[/df_tabs_item][/df_tabs]

Below is a sample timetable to illustrate tuition and role play over the week.
Click on image for larger view.