Clearwater Languages

Clearwater’s aim is to help all business professionals from aroundClearwaterEnglish the world to be able to communicate in English both in a business and social setting. All of our courses are tailored to meet your specific needs. All of our trainers are native English speakers and have also been business professionals themselves.They have not only the teaching experience but the business experience to help you achieve your objectives.

We use a method that works and that is fun and quick, highly important for busy business professionals.  We use the communicative method which means you talk English from the very first lesson. Speaking makes up over 90% of every lesson. We have trained top managers from many sectors; banking, commercial, retail, legal, automotive, hospitality, energy, football, government, pharmaceutical, construction, consultancy and many more. Our trainers have taught professionals from; Ford, RWE, Deloitte, Norvartis, Lufthansa, BP, Intel, La Caixa and many more.

languageClearwater was founded from a group of professionals who saw that many global players were unable to communicate in English when they needed to, affecting international relations and successes.  We can help you achieve your international goals.  Don’t let English be the barrier to your growth and prosperity.

Our flexibility allows you to do the courses we provide when you want to. Clearwater offer three types of courses, intensive residential courses in the UK, short courses in the UK and in your city and online courses.